NEW Single Adult FB Page!

*NEW* Single Adult Facebook page
The FB page for our stake is:
For regional activities

  • SA’s-go on and join so you can stay up to date with activities for our new Stake program.
  • We are aligning our focus as SA’s with the prophet’s directive to “hasten the work”!
  • We have scheduled with the temple an ongoing session for our stake SA’s monthly
    • (3rd Friday eve at 6 pm).
  • The Harris’s are on standby for scheduling a family history center activity soon, in the meantime make sure you have joined the FB page so you  know when that will be happening.
  • SA’s we want to hear your ideas for service projects!  
  • We will also be hosting missionary minded activities like bringing investigators/non-member friends to the Battalion etc.

(In essence, we are leaving the super social activities to the regional activities coordinators, and our activities will be gospel centered w/ a social fringe :)  We can schedule going out to eat after each of these activities or potluck picnics etc.)

 All 31+ are encouraged to come, and those with youth can bring them to the temple, family history center and Battalion.

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